Expose Your Sexy You!

The Stunning Mrs. A

This was a recent bridal boudoir session I did with the beautiful Mrs A! Her and her high school sweetheart were married at the end of December and she wanted to give him something extra special for their wedding. I think she did such a fantastic job making these photos about her, and about him!

The main reason that I’m writing this blog post is to show off some of the very creative items and clothing that Mrs A incorporated into her shoot.  It looks as if she put days and days of thought into some of the ideas, but really it doesn’t take that much time!

These are the main questions to ask yourself when preparing and trying to find things to bring for your photo shoot:

1)  What activities and/or hobbies is your significant other into? (Snowboarding, riding motorcycles, painting, music…)

2)  What kinds of activities or hobbies are you / he into?  It could be as simple as: you love to bake. You’re probably thinking, “What in the world could I incorporate around baking”?  Well, hello! An apron maybe?  And when I say “apron”, I mean just the apron…hehehe!)

3)  What has your significant other given you in the past?  It could be as simple as a pair of earrings, or a scarf. In Mrs. A’s case, her man had given her this beautiful antique frame (see picture in slideshow) and a drawing that he had done.  So not only is Mrs A taking super sexy photos for her man, but she’s incorporated some of the things that she treasures most, it’s a win/win for all!!!

4)  Is there anything that your guy has ever pointed out he loves on you? Maybe just those cute work pants, or how you stand in the mirror in your bra and slip getting ready for work,  or those jeans that make your booty go “pop” !  Ahah! We are gettin’ somewhere now! See? This is easy, and the possibilities are endless!

So here’s a run down of the different things that Mrs A incorporated into her photos and why. Hope it helps with your planning!

– Leather jacket and motorcycle helmets. Why?  They both ride motorcycles. I know, can you see this little lady on motorcycle? That’s just bad ass!

– Flogging Molly T-shirt, cute little hat, and fabulous shoes. Why? They both love Flogging Molly. That’s one of his favorite hats, and come on, those shoes are just to die for!

– Veil. Why? Because why would your man not want to see you with your veil on, and nothing else

– Pencil Skirt. Why?  Every time she wears this skirt, he can’t keep his hands off her!

– Frame. Why? Mentioned earlier, I know, but it was a gift to her. She loves antiques and he knows that, so he came home from work one day with this frame for her. How sweet is that?

– Violin. Why? She has played this beautiful instrument for years. I know. Gorgeous and talented = no fair!

– The Drawing. Why? He is an artist and that is one of the things she adores most about him.


So there are some prop ideas, but there are so many “likes” we can play off of. Even if it’s just body parts.  For example, your man loves your neck or your lips. We can take a close up of those beautiful features and put a couple detail shots in your album, he will be left “speechless”!!!!

Thank you Mrs A for letting me share your photo shoot. You are a stunning woman and I’m so happy for you and your new husband!


  1. These are lovely. Great job! I would love the chance to work with you and learn your ways.

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