Expose Your Sexy You!

The Lovely Mrs. J

I absolutely LOVE this session! So many of them have made the cut to my “favorites” page. Obviously it made things super easy that she is drop dead gorgeous! Mrs. J got a magazine for a valentines day gift for the hubby. Once i have it finished I will post some photos! I am sure he is going to LOVE it!!!


Some awesome words that Mrs. J had to say about her session…

Charlotte, all I can really say is WOW!! I am so speechless when I look at my photos. You truly are gifted. I was so nervous and scared when I went in for my photo shoot, but Charlotte made me feel like a girlfriend of hers and that there was nothing to be nervous about! This is truly an empowering experience. I encourage any woman who just wants to feel like a woman and feel sexy to go to Charlotte and do this! Needless to say my husband couldn’t believe how amazing these pictures turned out to be. He absolutely loved them as did I!!!! Charlotte, thank you, thank you, and thank you!!Mrs J



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