Expose Your Sexy You!

Mrs. L, and the sweet Thank You from her hubby!

Mrs. L did photos a couple months back to give to her fiance on their wedding day. I  had such a blast taking Mrs. L’s photos. She was such a natural in front of the camera, and her fun personality made for all the more beautiful photos!!! We had a bit of a time crunch, but totally managed to get the album in her hands just a couple of days before the wedding. Phew!

Her hubby loved his gift so much I actually got an email from him while they were on their honeymoon, thanking me. Here’s what he said…

I just first want to start out and say how awesome you did on the book and photo shoot for my already amazingly beautiful bride.  I LOVED the book and it was such a great sexy surprise!!! Thank you for all your work in getting the book finished before our wedding date and as she says all the time now, “I think you like this book a little too much” ha ha ha, nothing wrong with that – Mr. L

And so that made my day! But then I got a little review from Kristina, and it just made my whole year!!!

Whenever I looked in the mirror I saw the wrinkles, the muffin top, the fat dimples or cellulite, the multiple chins etc etc.  Since my photo shoot I look in the mirror and see a completely different girl….and to be honest I LOVE her.  As soon as I walked into the room to begin my photo shoot Charlotte just had this calming, ‘bring out your fun side’ personality.  I never thought in a million years that I would actually feel comfortable during the shoot but Charlotte is great!  I could tell she had been in my position before and knew exactly what I needed to hear. As soon as I walked out of the studio to my car I just giggled to myself.  I told myself that if all the pictures were bad I wont regret a penny of what I spent because this experience was so fun and I felt so beautiful and confident after it! I really believe EVERY GIRL SHOULD DO THIS AND FEEL THIS GOOD ONCE IN HER LIFE!!!   Then I got the pictures!!! Wow!!! I cant believe how many of them I LOVED!!!  no winkles, no muffin tops, no fat dimples, no double chins and what was that I see but… a butt!!!  I didn’t even know I had one of those.  
Since my photo shoot I feel WAY sexier naked!!!  I’m not quite sure if it was all of the coaching I received from Charlotte about posing, “eye smiling” and facial expressions or just seeing the pictures she takes.  She always posed me so that I looked the best.  She never made me feel silly when I just didn’t get the position I was supposed to be in.  I’m so happy I went with Charlotte for this experience!  I couldn’t have been happier with the result!  My husband loves the album I gave him on our wedding day . It’s so great catching him looking at it when he doesn’t think I’m looking.  It’s great to see my slide show on his computer at home.  Its fun hearing him say he wants all of the pictures so when were old and gray he has his 29 year old hot wife to look at again.  
I live in Denver and it only took an hour or so to get to Charlotte’s studio and to be honest it was nice to get my mind right on the way there.  And of course sing really loud on the car ride home and getting my giggles out before I saw my fiance again.
I am so pleased with my experience and I would recommend Charlotte to anyone. My advice, “You’ve worked out enough!  Charlotte will photograph the beautiful you and you will LOVE what you see.” She never once lied to me.  She told me in what time frame she could accomplish what I needed and did just what she promised and I definitely put her in a time crunch.  There were no surprises other than actually liking the pictures as much as I do.  I feel truly blessed to have had this experience and hope you get to feel the same. – Mrs. L

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