Expose Your Sexy You!

Ms. M and her beautiful thoughts!!!

Just got this email this morning (see below) and it made me smile from ear to ear and beam with happiness! I wanted to get on here as soon possible to do this blog post, so that I could show off how absolutely stunning this gal really is!!! So thrilled when I hear such amazing feed back from my clients and thier experiences with L Boudoir.

I had once thought about doing a Boudoir shoot a few years ago. One of my friends did it for her husband and showed me some of the pictures. I instantly fell in love with the idea, but it was so far outside my comfort zone that I knew I would probably never do it. I’ve never viewed myself as “sexy”. Cute sure, but as a 30 year old, it would be nice to feel hot just once. And then about a year ago I shaved my head for a fund raiser for Childhood Cancer Research. Talk about not feeling hot. It was a great cause and experience, but it was hard for the first 6 or 7 months to feel like a woman at all. I struggled with how I viewed myself, which seems silly now looking back, but take away that “comfort blanket” and all of a sudden, your femininity now has to come from within. I was tired of not feeling feminine or pretty so I decided it was time to do something for myself. I started looking at Boudoir studios and the sample photos and knew that is what I needed to do for myself. I’m not sure what stood out for me about Charlotte’s studio that made me pick her, but there was just a comfort I felt looking through her web page. A comfort the other sites and pages did not provide. After deciding on who and where, the rest of the process leading up to the shoot was easy. The shopping for the “outfits” was some of the most fun Ive had as well. The day of the shoot: I was SO nervous. When I was shopping and trying on lingerie, I felt confident, but now I have to wear them and get my picture taken? Suddenly I felt not prepared at all. But Charlotte was so sweet and knew exactly what needed to happen which made me feel like I could stop worrying about what needed to happen and just enjoy getting my makeup and hair done. And of course the champagne helped with the relaxation. But the first hour I was there getting all pampered and all the laughing and chatting was super relaxing. And then the nerves come back when its TIME! I know I was nervous and stiff and over thinking everything. Again, Charlotte came through to rescue me and my over thinking brain. She was great with poses and telling me exactly what to do with my legs and arms and eyes and face. Everything. And so reassuring during the session with all the different poses and making sure I knew how beautiful I looked. By the end of the session, I wished I had more time and more clothing changes to go through because it was so much fun. And the pictures! Oh the pictures. I don’t have enough time or room to talk about them. They are BEAUTIFUL! I look at them everyday! I just cant believe I could look that stunning! As for the emotional experience of the shoot, it was life changing. I feel, in my mind, I went into the session as a cute girl and came out a beautiful woman. It made me feel so confident in myself and also to re-engage with my sensual side that had been in hibernation forever. I have seen the sexy side of myself finally and trust me, she is going to stick around. All thanks to Charlotte and her crazy awesome hair and makeup gals. I really, from the bottom of my heart, cant thank you enough for helping me discover and pull out into the open the person I’ve so long desired to be. I will be singing your praises everywhere I go.  – Ms. M


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