Expose Your Sexy You!

About Charlotte

Photo by Kim Harms

The decision to have boudoir portraits taken of you can be a fretful one. You’re basically taking a big risk, and a huge leap of faith in your photographer! The reasons why a photographer does boudoir (and intimate portraiture) can be as important as the reasons why you want to have it done!

I take boudoir and fine art nudes because I love and celebrate the female body. As a woman, a mother, and a wife, I have become acutely aware of how wonderful it is to feel sexy and proud of the skin you’re in.

I approach my boudoir sessions much differently than many other photographers:

First off, I am not out to create some “idealized” version of you. I’ll take care of the small stuff from the cosmetic to the cellulite, but if you’re a size 14 coming in, you’ll be a gorgeous size 14 in your portraits! I believe there is an authentic and honest beauty to every woman who walks in my studio.

Also, I am not out to create some generic “sex kitten”. Every woman’s sensuality and sexiness is individual and my job is to express your most intimate qualities in a way that preserves and celebrates your unique identity as a beautiful, strong, and sexy woman. So whether you’re doing this for yourself, or as a surprise gift for someone special… you’ll love your boudoir portraits!

Please don’t hesitate to call or write. I’d love to answer any questions you might have! You can e-mail me at charlotte@lboudoir.com, or call me at 719-930-4185.

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