Expose Your Sexy You!

The Stunning Ms. E

I know... I know, it's been over a year since I've done a blog post.  I suppose that's a good thing, because it means I'm busy doing shoots, and working on processing photos for all you lovely ladies to view, on the other hand I haven't gotten to show off all these beautiful shots!  I'm getting ready to start posting photos of my new studio and the … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Mrs. D

The beautiful, sweet, and lovely Mrs. D did boudoir for her husband-to-be, and he LOVED them, of course!!! … [Read more...]

The Lovely Ms. A

Loved Ms. A and her cute little pin up ideas/looks. I also just adore how beautiful and big her eyes are, and her fun pixie hair cut. She was a lovely girl, inside and out. What a great session! … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Mrs. R

Such a gorgeous session with a gorgeous lady! Thanks Mrs. R!   … [Read more...]

The Lovely Mrs. J

Making people cry is not something I would typically say I enjoy doing, but when if it's happy-emotinal-crying-because-you-LOVE- your- boudoir-photos-so-much, it kind of makes my day!!! Such a sweet note I got recently after Mrs. J viewed her photos for the first time... Good Morning Char,      I wanted to tell you again thank you for my … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Mrs. H

Beautiful words about her experience with doing boudoir photos,  from a beautiful women...   Charlotte, I have nothing but rave reviews for your work! I am still so grateful for your approach to boudoir photography. As you stated on your website that even size 14 girls will feel sexy, and that couldn't be more true. I am a size 14 and … [Read more...]

Stunning – Mrs. K

I can't believe how many blog posts I am behind on from last year. So many new and exciting things going on in my life!  I promise I am going to get to each and everyone of them in the next few weeks, so prepare to see a whole ton of beautiful session coming your way! For now, please enjoy the beautiful Mrs. K. … [Read more...]

Ms. M and her beautiful thoughts!!!

Just got this email this morning (see below) and it made me smile from ear to ear and beam with happiness! I wanted to get on here as soon possible to do this blog post, so that I could show off how absolutely stunning this gal really is!!! So thrilled when I hear such amazing feed back from my clients and thier experiences with L Boudoir. I had … [Read more...]

The Stunning Mrs. M – Q&A

It's question answer time again! Mrs. M has some fantastic things to say about her experience getting boudoir photos. I Love hearing all of the unexpected emotions and discoveries that happen after women do boudoir photos with me, it truly is such a blessing to be a part of that.  I can absolutely attest that Mrs. M was on the fence about getting … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Special

[Read more...]